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Tim's efforts have resulted in a significant culture change; improving the quality of the work environment and overall performance.  Integral to developing a department-wide mantra and performance-based culture, was Rhonda Hilyer's Success Signals communications training that Tim delivered in a spirited and engaging way.  Now staff is better able to understand fellow employees, clients and managers in their day-to-day interactions.

Denise Boland
ESB Administrator, Santa Clara County

Success Signals Communications
Effective communication and interpersonal interaction are foundational to working with people.  DunkinWorks has certified trainers who offer an engaging and interactive workshop using Rhonda Hilyer’s Success Signals course.  This quadrant system that uses colors as the key indicators is easy to understand and apply.  Participants begin to use their new understanding within the one day session.  When integrated into an organization’s culture, it will enhance your team’s performance and mitigate conflict based upon misunderstandings.

DunkinWorks also offers a condensed lecture (4 hours) on Success Signals core concepts should you not have one full day for this training.  With the condensed lecture, it is not possible to include participant team exercises and real-time application within the session.

A Success Signals Workbook must be purchased for all participants at $30.00 a book.

Advanced Communication Techniques
When you and/or your team need to become proficient in more than the basics, DunkinWorks offers customized workshops to learn and practice advanced communication skills.    Instructions on building rapport, using sound and non-verbal expression for impact and applying the 12 “preference” sorts to increase effectiveness are examples of additional concepts in this workshop.  These advanced communication techniques can make the critical difference between success and failure in more complex and sensitive situations.