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Both as a coach in the individual setting and as a trainer in the group setting, Tim is a wonderful combination of teacher, comedian, organizational wizard and all-seeing sage.  His years of experience with project management, combined with a keen understanding of leadership, have contributed greatly to my work in non-profit management."

Jenni Martin
Director of Education, Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

DunkinWorks offers a range of services for both organizations and individuals depending on your needs.  We bring a positive, focused approach when working with you in order to achieve your objectives and have some fun in the process.

We offer our services in a variety of settings.  Whether it is at your place of business or an offsite retreat or a local coffee house, we can accommodate most sites.

For organizations, our services include:

• Certification in Performance Leadership
Facilitation of key processes and Keynote presentations
Training for skills development in project management, facilitation and
   transition management
Communication Techniques for teams and individuals
Executive and Management Coaching
Marketing and Communications assistance for strategy and planning including
  programs, websites, newsletters, brochures and other activities.
For individuals, our services include:
Life Coaching to plan, prioritize and decide key shifts in your life
Individual Performance to improve day-to-day decisions and results
Communication Techniques to address specific desires and aspirations
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