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Tim has "come to my rescue" many times over the years by providing quality training, individualized coaching for my staff and executive coaching for my professional growth.  I appreciate his no-nonsense approach to all problem resolution.

Don Johnson
Chief of Police and Fire Services, City of Sunnyvale Public Safety

Wandzia is extremely flexible, and yet, is able to keep a group moving forward in a productive manner.  One of her great gifts is the ability to listen - truly listen to people.

Jacqui Diaz
Assistant to the City Manager,
City of Pleasanton

DunkinWorks brings you a wealth of expertise collected from various roles throughout our careers including: Assistant City Manager, Operations Officer, Chief Information Officer, President of the Board, Executive Communications Specialist, Customer Experience Manager, Certified Trainer, Marketing Programs Manager, Counselor, Minister, Life Coach, Instructor and Management Consultant.  In addition to our valuable direct experience, it is our passion to continually learn and apply new insights to enhance patterns of organizational and day-to-day life.


Tim Dunkin understands the complexity of achieving success. As a former manager of public programs serving tens of thousands annually, his organization received national recognition including a Presidential visit. Bringing a fresh perspective to any situation, Tim assists individual leaders in understanding the true factors influencing their situation and often builds a customized approach to achieving their objectives. Balancing a clear understanding of both leadership and systemic needs and approaches, Tim works equally effectively with individuals, teams and organizations. Dividing his time between facilitating any type of organizational process, training on topics he is passionate about and coaching individuals, he is dedicated to helping people become more successful professionally and personally.

He has trained over 15,000 people in multiple subjects and has successfully consulted for the past 17 years focused on public and non-profit agencies throughout the United States.  The DunkinWorks Performance Leadership series forms the cornerstone for his approach and focus to enable better performance amongst individuals, teams and organizations.

As the author of Musings of a Spiritual Handyman, Tim is also sought after for individual life coaching. His approach expands beyond traditional counseling to include contemporary understandings of spiritual options from a variety of disciplines. Tim has a Masters in Religion, 3 certificates in counseling (different disciplines) and is a certified Success Signals trainer.  The combination of all these disciplines allows Tim to be an effective coach for a broad set of needs both personally and professionally.


Wandzia Rose has assisted government, education, and non-profit agencies with organizational effectiveness for over 25 years using her assessment, alignment and development skills. As an approachable “organizational translator,” Wandzia is able monitor behavioral dynamics, apply her knowledge of governance structures and assist managers identify core issues and deficiencies related to work performance in order to build new strategies and processes for stronger outcomes.

Wandzia has held many key executive positions in large and medium-size public agencies as well as educational institutions. She earned a B.A. degree from the University of San Francisco and is a certified trainer in Success Signals and Sentient Systems’ Beyond Bravery: The Courage to Lead as well as a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).  She has served on a number of League of California Cities Policy Committees as well as the Government Technology Conference Advisory Board.  She currently is on the Board of Directors for CEPO (Continuing Education for Public Officials) and served as a contractor for the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) International Program.

As a Licensed Integrative Coach Professional certified by The Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching, Wandzia provides individual coaching to help people identify and remove barriers in order to achieve their personal and professional goals.


Jill Dunkin enjoys working with people on their marketing and communication challenges and needs.  With over 19 years at Hewlett-Packard Company, Jill had the opportunity to work in numerous marketing and communication roles tackling new projects, programs and efforts both nationally and worldwide.  Her experience included working with executives, sales, customer support, IT/engineering, product and service marketing, human resources as well as customers, resellers and numerous vendors outside of HP.

Jill spent most of her HP career within business groups trying to gain or improve profitability and thus learned how to maximize resources and leverage existing efforts as much as possible.  As a person who worked cross-organizationally throughout her career, she knows how to manage people dynamics, deliverables and deadlines.

She is currently the creator, editor and manager of our monthly DunkinWorks mailer as well as the creator and author of our website.


Malcolm Smith brings his vast communications, writing, public and media relations know-how to the DunkinWorks team. In addition to private sector experience, he has over 24 years in local government with Bay Area cities, counties, and special districts. As a seasoned communicator, he develops and manages all the communication aspects of any project to create the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, using the proper tools and dissemination techniques. Malcolm has worked with many positions including policy makers, elected officials, community stakeholders, city management and their departments. With his background, he brings a thoughtful understanding of public sentiment as well as an extensive knowledge of all the elements and tools of public communications, community outreach and public information needs.

His unique experience includes directing strategic planning and the implementation of outreach programs and public communications plans across many departmental functions such as police, fire, public works and libraries. He has led considerable communications efforts on water conservation, recycled water, polystyrene container and plastic bag ordinances, community development and construction projects, presidential city visits, events and festivals as well as emergency public information for the media during critical situations. He is certified by the California Standardized Training Institute in "Crisis Communications and the Media."