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DunkinWorks offers a wide range of services for your organization, including:

• Certification in Performance Leadership
Facilitation of key processes and Keynote presentations
Training for skills development in project management, facilitation and
   transition management
Communication Techniques for teams and individuals
Executive and Management Coaching
Marketing and Communications assistance for strategy and planning
   including programs, websites, newsletters, brochures and other activities.

We offer these services in a variety of settings, each tailored to your specific situation and needs, including:

• Regular business meetings
• Off-site retreats and meetings
• One-on-one sessions
• Designated training schedules and plans
• Week-end and week-long events
• Special Events for your organization

DunkinWorks brings a high-energy, focused approach when we work with you and your organization. Our goal is to achieve your objectives and have some fun in the process.

Learn more about our Approach & Values.  Click here to read what our clients appreciate and say about us.

Tim Dunkin's services have been invaluable to the development of our team.  The common language developed has been very powerful to help us achieve alignment and ultimately form a true team, sharing conflicts openly and productively.  In addition, Tim's personal coaching has been transformative to develop my thinking processes to meet the inevitable challenges with leading and managing large groups of people and working effectively within a large organization.

Lorrie Gervin
Environmental Division Manager,  City of Sunnyvale